Allied Integrated Security

Deep Space Exploration / Precision Targeted High Profit Trade Negotiation / Various Covert Affairs / Private Security

Welcome to Allied Integrated Security headquarters.

Here at Allied Integrated Security we are always looking for employees and we do not discriminate, we will hire all roles and pilots. Do not mistake this for a case of "Jack of all trades, master of none". We have a precise operational focus, but a few different divisions that each have their own point in the Firm. Head over to the Application after reading the Employee Handbook to join Allied Integrated Security and take the next step in your future today!

Divisions and Board Members.

Ellieko supervises Security and Covert Operations.

MTS supervises Exploration and Finance/Logistics.


Much as life is always moving this site will always have more content added, but at the moment we are in the early stage of construction of this site. If you have any questions or desire to know more information just hop in our Teamspeak3 server.