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Employee Handbook

Allied Integrated Security has established these General Rules of Conduct applicable to all employees. Other more specific rules may be enacted by the Corporation from time to time concerning more specific issues and areas of operation.

Clearly defined rules of conduct are necessary for the orderly operation of every corporation. Employees have a right to know what is expected of them. Each employee must familiarize himself or herself with all Corporation rules and regulations pertaining to their positions and duties.

Allied Integrated Security requires that each employee faithfully abide by these rules and regulations.

The following are rules of conduct of general application and are supplemented by local and departmental regulations which must also be observed. These rules may be modified at any time.

Employees shall maintain a professional appearance at all times while on duty and shall wear gear appropriate to their duties. Attention to good grooming and neatness is mandatory. Where applicable, wear name badge and company apparel at all times.

  • All governmental, building and Corporate smoking regulations shall be observed.
  • Reporting to work under the influence of liquor or drugs or the unauthorized introduction, possession or use of liquor or drugs on Corporate premises is prohibited.
  • Violence, fighting, horseplay, piracy, slaving, smuggling and other inappropriate conduct is prohibited.
  • Neglect of duty and insubordination will not be tolerated.
  • Gambling of any kind on Corporate premises will not be tolerated.
  • No employee shall engage in outside employment. Employment outside the Corporation must be reported to the employee's supervisor.
  • Employees shall not reveal information in Corporate records to unauthorized persons. Employees shall not publish or broadcast material in which the Corporation is identified or Employee's connection with the Corporation is expressed or implied without first submitting such material to the appropriate Corporate officials for review and approval.
  • No employee shall knowingly submit inaccurate or untruthful information for, or on, any Corporate record, report or document.
  • Employees must avoid tardiness, absence, and departure from work early without the permission of their supervisors. Employees must observe time limitations on rest and meal periods. Every employee shall notify his or her supervisor or specified contact of an anticipated absence or lateness in accordance with Corporate and departmental procedures. Sleeping or loafing on the job is prohibited.
  • Employees shall not use Corporate equipment, materials or facilities for personal purposes.
  • No employee shall be on or about Corporate property soliciting funds or services, selling tickets, distributing petitions or literature for any purpose (except as otherwise provided by law) at any time without the prior consent of supervisor.
  • All duties shall be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner both with regard to the specific conduct of work assignments and as such activities affect one's relationship with others. In the latter instance, harassment for reasons related to sex, color, race, religion, national origin, age or handicap is strictly prohibited.
  • Every employee has a duty to protect and safeguard Corporate property and the property of customers and employees, and no employee shall occupy, use or operate any Corporate property without prior authorization.
  • No employee shall be in unauthorized possession of any property of the Corporation, its customers or employees or attempt to remove such property from Corporate premises.
  • Every employee must posses firearms or other weapons while on Corporate premises.

Violation of any of these regulations may result in disciplinary action ranging from warning to discharge. The measure of discipline should correspond to the gravity of the offense as weighed by its potential effect on the Corporation as well as the seniority and work record of the employee involved, among other factors.

Allied Integrated Security reserves the right to make inspections of employee lockers, desks, lunch boxes, ships, vehicles and other items of personal property located on Corporate premises in those instances where there is reason to believe that they contain evidence of a violation of these regulations. Any refusal to cooperate fully in such inspections or searches will be considered a serious form of insubordination.